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Overcoming Complexities in Microdentistry

Dr. Salam Abu Arqub Presentation at AEEDC


Microdentistry relies on enhanced magnification and illumination to maximize maintenance and preservation of tooth structure, soft oral tissue and hard oral tissue and restore with minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Salam Abu Arqub, from the Smile Engineer Dental Center in Amman, Jordan, has been using Leica dental microscopes for three years for all procedures performed at the clinic. He shared his experience at the AEEDC Dental Congress in Dubai.

What to expect in the webinar

Key Learnings

With the Leica M525 F20 surgical microscope, Dr. Salam Abu Arqub and his team are able to better manage:

  • Patient preparation: the process takes only 20 seconds from customizing the eyepieces to zooming and focusing. The microscope follows even the slightest head motions, there is no need to touch anything to change perspective.
  • Ergonomics: the Leica M525 F20 is a small-size microscope with a large field of view and high maneuverability. It is easy to move and to adjust to see exactly what is needed. It is possible to go back to the zero position without any effort.
  • Light intensity: the right level of light intensity at all times optimizes the procedure, helping to reduce time waste, loss of attention and stress. The BrightCare™ working-distance-controlled illumination and the AutoIrisTM magnification-controlled illumination avoid excessive heat generation, decreasing the risk of tissue burns and limiting patient discomfort.
  • Zooming: zooming can be performed continuously, without any interruption. It is very simple to focus in and out as needed.
  • Focus: the large field of view supports efficiency and concentration, reducing the time required to perform the procedure.
  • Fatigue: the high resolution and sharpness help see more, generating less fatigue and eye strain.
  • Learning: the microscope is easy to use, it doesn’t require extensive training or high skills

All these benefits ensure correct posture and vision at all times, while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of dental procedures. They also lead to better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction, which has helped the Smile Engineer Dental Center build a strong reputation and brand.

Watch the Video

Microdentistry procedures can be challenging. Dr. Salam Abu Arqub explains how microscopes help improve efficiency, accuracy and patient satisfaction.

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