Super-Resolution Microscopy Image Gallery

Super-resolution microscopy images taken with Leica Microsystems instruments


Due to the diffraction limit of light, traditional confocal microscopy cannot resolve structures below ~240 nm. Super-resolution microscopy techniques, such as STED, PALM or STORM or some deconvolution processing methods, are used when enhanced resolution is needed to study structures and molecular events below the diffraction limit scale.

Super-Resolution imaging with STELLARIS confocal platform

The STELLARIS confocal platform gives access to super-resolution with LIGHTNING and STED technologies for visualizing structures with greater precision and uncovering details that would otherwise not be visible.

Single molecule in-situ hybridization (smFISH) of RNA in Drosophila embryo whole-mount preparation - STELLARIS


STED for Cell Biology



STED for Cell Biology: Multicolor live-cell TauSTED 775 resolves the intricate cytoskeleton network labeled with SiR-tubulin (glow), and trafficking vesicles labeled with CF594 (cyan). Scale bar: 10 mm. SiR-tubulin is available from Spirochrome. CF594 courtesy of Biotium, Inc.

STED for malaria research

Three color STED imaging of Cos 7 cells

3D STED 775 deep nanoscopy of glomerulus in cleared kidney tissue

STED and DNA origami imaging - STELLARIS

TauSTED 660 at extremely low STED power on COS7 cells immunostained for nuclear pores (NUPs) with AF555 - STELLARIS

STED for Microbiology


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