Forensic Science Education

It takes microscopic investigation to turn traces into evidence.

As an expert on forensics, you teach students to develop a good understanding of what different illumination and contrasting methods will reveal as valid evidence and how software helps them to make their reporting easier.

Discover the truth. 

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Our microscopes help students learn to

  • Examine ammunition and tool marks
  • Examine trace evidence such as fibers, hair, paint, or fingerprints
  • Expose forgery or counterfeiting in questioned documents
  • How to compare, analyze and document their findings

Begin, Explore, Advance

Begin with the Leica EZ4 or Leica DM750 P

Explore with the Leica EZ4 W, Leica EZ4 E or Leica DM750 M

Advance with the Leica EZ4 W, Leica EZ4 E, DM750 P or Leica DM750 M

Forensic Science Education Products

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Education Microscope Leica EZ4 W

Leica EZ4 W & EZ4 E

Stereo microscope for college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification, 7-way LED illumination, and integrated camera

Integrated imaging system accurately stores high-resolution images fast.

Leica LAS EZ

Imaging software for Windows OS for "EZ" documentation and annotation

Educational stereomicroscope, 4.4:1, 8x-35x, integrated LED illumination

Leica EZ4

Stereo microscope for beginners in college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification and 7-way LED illumination

Microscope for Education, Materials, Inspection and Basic Metallography

Leica DM750 M

Binocular materials microscope for education, basic metallography, and forensics education

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