Life Science Education Microscopes

As a teacher of biology, you show students how living organisms are structured using tissue sections and blood smears as microscope samples.

To get the most out of their observations, they should be flexible: for example by changing magnifications and optics, or using different contrasting methods such as phase contrast and darkfield.  Working with software to document, annotate, and share images increases their learning experience even further.

Discover the structures of life!

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Our microscopes help students learn to

  • Identify different parts of cells
  • Distinguish between plant and mammalian cells
  • Looking at cell membranes or cell walls
  • Distinguish between tumor and healthy cells
  • Distinguish gram positive and negative bacteria
  • Identify bacterial spores in negative stains
  • Dive deeper into cell functionalities

Begin, Explore, Advance

Begin with the Leica ES2, Leica DM100, or Leica DM300

Explore with the Leica EZ4 or Leica DM500

Advance with the Leica EZ4 W, Leica EZ4 E or Leica DM750

Life Science Education Products

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Education Microscope Leica EZ4 W

Leica EZ4 W & EZ4 E

Stereo microscope for college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification, 7-way LED illumination, and integrated camera

Integrated imaging system accurately stores high-resolution images fast.

Leica LAS EZ

Imaging software for Windows OS for "EZ" documentation and annotation

Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7

Leica EM UC7

Ultramicrotome for consistent high-quality sections at room and cryo temperatures

Educational stereomicroscope, 4.4:1, 8x-35x, integrated LED illumination

Leica EZ4

Stereo microscope for beginners in college and university education with 8x to 35x magnification and 7-way LED illumination

Leitz Optilux

Leitz Optilux

View the Finest Details - Compound Microscope

Robust Student Microscope

Leica DM300

Monocular, binocular or trinocular educational microscope for life sciences with 4 achromat or plan-achromat objectives

Leics DM500 with pre-focused and pre-centered condenser – prevents the need for adjustments.

Leica DM500

Binocular educational microscope for life science students with 4 infinity-corrected plan-achromat objectives and fluorescence capability

Binocular, fluorescence-capable microscope for postdocs in the life sciences

Leica DM750

Binocular educational microscope for life science postdocs with 4 or 5 infinity-corrected or HI plan-achromat objectives and fluorescence capability

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