Jewelry Making / Hand Engraving

Ergonomics in microscopes for jewelers, hand engravers and stone setters are key. Our instruments help you achieve your optimal working position to reduce shoulder and muscle strain, promote concentration and make your work more enjoyable. A variety of tasks are facilitated by the excellent optical quality our instruments. We offer the right customizable and modular instruments.

Different stands give you maximum freedom of movement – for example a flex-arm stand offers highest flexibility while a table clamp needs minimum table space. Large working distances offer enough room to handle tools easily under the microscope. The optical design gives you a high depth of field so that more of your workpiece is in focus and you can save time because little refocusing is necessary.

A large field of view gives you an excellent overview – a prerequisite for precise positioning of stones or accurate execution of hand engravings. Various light sources help you to see what you need to see – ring lights for example illuminate homogeneously and brightly while an optional diffusor helps to reduce reflections on shiny workpieces and thus makes work less tiring for your eyes.

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