STELLARIS 5 Cryo Konfokal-Licht-Mikroskop

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Projection of a confocal z-stack. Sum159 cells, human breast cancer cells kindly provided by Ievgeniia Zagoriy, Mahamid Group, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany. Blue–Hoechst - indicates nuclei, Green–MitoTracker mitochondria, and red–Bodipy - lipid droplets

New Imaging Tools for Cryo-Light Microscopy

New cryo-light microscopy techniques like LIGHTNING and TauSense fluorescence lifetime-based tools reveal structures for cryo-electron microscopy.
Correlation of markers in the LM and the FIB image.

How to Target Fluorescent Structures in 3D for Cryo-FIB Milling

This article describes the major steps of the cryo-electron tomography workflow including super-resolution cryo-confocal microscopy. We describe how subcellular structures can be precisely located in…
HeLa cells labeled with dark blue – Hoechst, Nuclei; magenta – MitoTracker Green, Mitochondria; turquoise - Bodipy, lipid droplets. Cells kindly provided by Ievgeniia Zagoriy, Mahamid Group, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.

Precise 3D Targeting for EM Imaging - Access What Matters

Find out how the seamless cryo-electron tomography workflow Coral Cryo uses confocal super resolution to target your structure of interest more precisely.



Cryo-electron tomography (CryoET) is used to resolve biomolecules within their cellular environment down to an unprecedented resolution below one nanometer.

Fortgeschrittene Mikroskopietechniken

Moderne Mikroskopietechniken umfassen sowohl hochauflösende als auch superauflösende Bildgebungsverfahren. Diese Techniken werden in erster Linie eingesetzt, um biologische Vorgänge mit extrem hoher…

Korrelative Licht- und Elektronenmikroskopie (CLEM)

Coral Workflows von Leica Microsystems unterstützt Nutzer dabei, Daten aus der Fluoreszenz- und Elektronenmikroskopie zu korrelieren (CLEM).
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