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Leica TCS MP5 Optimized for Multiphoton Imaging

Archived Product
Replaced by SP8 LIGHTNING

The new Leica TCS MP5 multiphoton microscope is the perfect solution for intravital imaging.

Monitor fast dynamics at 29 frames/second (512 x 512 px) with Leica Microsystems’ resonant scanner. Perform elaborate multicolor experiments with seven external channels and spectral unmixing software. Optimal transmission of the scan optics up to 1300 nm and an integrated OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) solution allow you to efficiently excite red fluorophores. Reach even deeper into samples and simultaneously excite red and green fluorophores with the OPO.

Flexible configuration of the Leica TCS MP5 ensures that you have the perfect tool for high-quality results.

Leica TCS MP5 optimized for multiphoton imaging
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