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Leica TCS MP5 Optimized for Multiphoton Imaging

Archived Product
Replaced by SP8 LIGHTNING

Deep Tissue Imaging

Ureteric bud from an embryonic day 16 kidney from a HoxB7 EGFP mouse.

Courtesy of Prof. Deborah Hyink, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA

Simultanous excitation with OPO and Ti:Sa

Mouse mammary gland (left) and spleen (right). Blood vessels labelled with 70kD-Texas Red excited with OPO at 1150 nm (red). Simultaneous excitation at 800 nm results in second harmonic generation …

Rapid acquisition of z-stacks in living animals

3D reconstructions of representative 50 µm z-stacks from timelapse acquisitions. Excitation at 910 nm, spectral unmixing was performed using the LAS AF software.

Left: Microglia labelled with GFP…

Ultarapid imaging of embryonic blood flows

Zebrafish embryonic heart,100 µm deep. Blood cells labelled with DsRed (red), SHG of muscle (gray).

blood cells labelled with DsRed. The timelapse on the right was acquired with the resonant scanner…

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