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Leica DVM2000 A Wide Range of Components for Entry Level Examinations

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DVM2500

Leica DVM2000 with integrated LED illumination - The high performance, durable and economic solution for digital microscopes

Leica DVM2000 featuring a VZ15 M attached to a boom stand - the ideal solution for ergonomic digital inspection of large samples 

Leica Digital and Versatile Microscopes - Using components from the  Leica product portfolio to customize the instrument to the application requirement

Leica DVM2000 with a 10:1 zoom range Leica VZ105 C optics - offers a great overview and detailed oberservation on one single zoom covering a magnification range from 35x to 7000x (objective dependant)

Leica Microsystems DVM Series

Panoramic View with Digital Microscopes

Leica Microsystems Digital Microscopes

The 360° rotating head offers an all-around view that provides entirely new ways of looking at samples. As an added benefit, rotating the view creates a 3D…

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