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Leica DM2500 P Versatile, Modular Polarization Microscope

Archived Product
Replaced by DM4 P, DM2700 P & DM750 P

Fixed and variable compensators for measurements

Leica Microsystems offers a variety of compensators that fit into the DIN compensator slot. Depending on the measurement task at hand,  fixed, rotating or tilting compensators are available.

Modular, flexible stage

Some applications require special equipment. With the  modular  the Leica DM2500 P, the standard 360° pol rotating stage with or without 45° click stop adjustment, is easily converted to a fixed stage…

Built-in focus stop

Reliably and accurately adjusts to the sample - the built-in focus stop protects the sample and the front lens of the objective.

3-gear focus drive

Extremely precise focusing: with the Leica DM2500 P, you can switch between fine [1 mm] and medium [4 mm] micrometer scale.

Color-coded diaphragm assistant

Depending on the selected magnification, it is essential to adjust the aperture to the correct position to achieve high contrast images. As a ‘first’ on the world market, Leica Microsystems introduced…

Ergonomic design

The height of the focus knobs can be individually adjusted to prevent the user from experiencing hand, arm, and shoulder tension and ensure a comfortable, fatigue-free posture at the microscope.

LAS Phase Expert

Multiple types of phases are easily measured by using the Phase Expert Module. Ideal for detection of different phases in mineral or metal samples. Charts and statistical data can be displayed on the…

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