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Leica DM4000 M LED Versatile Upright Microscope for Materials Analysis with LED Illumination

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DM4 M

Publications 2018

Effect of laser beam welding parameters on morphology and strength of dissimilar AA2024/AA7075 T-joints
Oliveira P, Costa J, Loureiro A
Journal of Manufacturing Processes
2018 vol: 35 pp: 149-160

Effects of the micro surface texturing in lubricated non-conformal point contacts
Joshi G, Putignano C, Gaudiuso C, Stark T, Kiedrowski T, et. al.
Tribology International
2018 vol: 127 pp: 296-301

On the petrographic distinction of bituminite from solid bitumen in immature to early mature source rocks
Hackley P, Valentine B, Hatcherian J
International Journal of Coal Geology
2018 vol: 196 pp: 232-245

The roles of long period stacking ordered structure and Zn solute in the hot deformation behavior of Mg-Gd-Zn alloys
Li Y, Xiao W, Wang F, Hu T, Ma C
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
2018 vol: 745 pp: 33-43

Improvement of out-of-plane thermal conductivity of composite laminate by electrostatic flocking
Sun Y, Wang S, Li M, Gu Y, Zhang Z
Materials & Design
2018 vol: 144 pp: 263-270

Publications 2017

Entwicklung eines Wärmedämmputzes mit Naturfasern und Untersuchung des Wärme- und Feuchteverhaltens
Hroudová J, Korjenic A, Zach J, Mitterböck M
2017 vol: 39 (4) pp: 261-271

Electrical performance of textured stainless steel under fretting
Esteves M, Ramalho A, Ramos F
Tribology International
2017 vol: 110 pp: 41-51

Publications 2016

Fatigue behaviour of selective laser melting steel components
Santos L, Ferreira J, Jesus J, Costa J, Capela C
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics
2016 vol: 85 pp: 9-15

Design Paradigm Utilizing Reversible Diels–Alder Reactions to Enhance the Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Materials
Davidson J, Appuhamillage G, Thompson C, Voit W, Smaldone R, et. al.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
2016 pp: acsami.6b05118

Aluminium-steel lap joining by multipass friction stir welding
Leitao C, Arruti E, Aldanondo E, Rodrigues D
Materials & Design
2016 vol: 106 pp: 153-160

Organic petrology and geochemistry of mudrocks from the lacustrine Lucaogou Formation, Santanghu Basin, northwest China: Application to lake basin evolution
Hackley P, Fishman N, Wu T, Baugher G
International Journal of Coal Geology

Laser beam welded joints of dissimilar heat treatable aluminium alloys
Viscusi A, Leitão C, Rodrigues D, Scherillo F, Squillace A, et. al.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
2016 vol: 236 pp: 48-55

Organic petrology and geochemistry of Eocene Suzak bituminous marl, north-central Afghanistan: Depositional environment and source rock potential
Hackley P, SanFilipo J
Marine and Petroleum Geology
2016 vol: 73 pp: 572-589

The integration of optical interconnections on ceramic substrates
Guzowski B, Rosowski A, Lisik Z, Jakubowska M, Sharp M, et. al.
Microelectronic Engineering
2016 vol: 157 pp: 19-23

Publications 2014

Organic petrology of the Aptian-age section in the downdip Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, Mississippi, USA: Observations and preliminary implications for thermal maturation history
Brett J. Valentine, Paul C. Hackley, Catherine B. Enomoto, Alana M. Bove, Frank T. Dulong, Celeste D. Lohr, Krystina R. Scott (2014)
International Journal of Coal Geology 131 p. 378-391

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