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Leica DMI5000 M Inverted Research Microscope for Materials Testing

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DMi8 M / C / A

Materials testing and quality control has never been easier. The Leica DMI5000 M inverted research microscope with Leica LAS software can be configured to suit specific applications in R&D, quality assurance, and materials testing. The Leica DMI5000 M is available in several configurations, starting with a manual stand, fixed stage, and manual focus all the way to a fully motorized stand e.g. for the combination with a materials analysis software package.

Upgrades are available at any time. For example, motorized DIC can be added for future work. Accessories range from digital cameras to dedicated materials software.

The complete Leica DMI5000 system, including microscope, camera, and software, provides a seamless, harmonious solution for materials testing and quality control.
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