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Leica DMI5000 M Inverted Research Microscope for Materials Testing

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DMi8 M / C / A

A Perfect Tool

Leica DMI5000 M for reflected light and transmitted light examinations with manual stage, motorized objective turret, motorized focus and a Leica DFC295 camera.

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Confirming Image Calibration

This video shows how to verify the calibration by checking the displayed scale bar with a stage micrometer.

Automating the calibration process

This video shows how LAS rapidly calibrates all the zoom click stops with assisted automation.

Live Image Builder – Preparing for operation

This video shows how to make the vital image adjustments so that you are immediately ready for Live Building.

Live Image Builder XY Stitching

Rapidly creates large images exceeding the normal field of view. This software automatically detects XY movement of the sample and compiles the information to one large image.

Live Image Builder – Extended Focus Image

Get sharp images within seconds from a sample with shallow depth of field using extended focus in Live Image Builder. By changing the focus manually the software detects and adds the parts that are in…

LAS Grain Expert

This video shows how to measure Grain Sizes automatically. This module allows manual or automatic options to meet your needs today and in the future.

Add components with ease

Reflectors for contrast processes or fluorescence ­filters can be added through the access port. It opens at the touch of a button; the reflector can be replaced in seconds.

Constant Color Intensity Control (CCIC)

The reflected-light axis of the Leica DMI5000 M has an automatic CCIC module. It consists of a glass disk with a step-less blue filter. Thanks to its voltage-dependent rotation, this module ensures a…

Clearly designed controls

The front control panel shows the most important functions. Every reflector cube can be directly controlled. Touch a button to open or close the shutter, switch the camera output or adjust the interim…

Examination for Steel Purity

A microscope system used for assessing the purity of steel must meet stringent requirements. The system illustrated here is a fully integrated solution: The Leica DFC295 digital camera, the DMI5000 M…

The motorized 5x objective turret

A touch of the button is enough to change the objective. The display shows the current objective magnification and the overall magnification immediately.

Motorized camera outputs

For documentation of results cameras are equiped to the DMI5000 M either on the right or on the left side of the microscope. A motorized disk with four positions that can be equipped to suit your…

Manual switchable camera output

The top camera port on the tube is for manual use. Switch settings are 0/100% or 100/0%.

Status display

All current settings of the Leica DMI 5000 M microscope at a glance: the current contrast mode, selected magnification, specified lighting parameters, selected camera output and information on the…

Illumination Manager

The Leica illumination manager, located on the left side of the Leica DMI 5000 M, enables personalized settings of aperture and light intensity values. The device stores the light intensity and field…

Contrast Manager

Manual operation of reflectors is now a relic of the past. With the Leica DMI 5000 M it is enough to touch the “DF” button and darkfield contrast is adjusted automatically. The microscope knows the…

The Focus Manager

The Focus Manager stores, manages and travels to two focal planes and is located on the right-hand side of the Leica DMI 5000 M  microscope. In addition to storing the focal plane, a lower level can…

LAS Phase Expert

Multiple types of phases are easily measured by using the Phase Expert Module. Ideal for detection of different phases in mineral or metal samples. Charts and statistical data can be displayed on the…

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