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Leica LMD6 & LMD7 Laser Microdissection Microscopes

Dissection Perfection

Dedicated Laser Microdissection Objectives

Leica Microsystems offers a portfolio of dry objectives dedicated for Leica LMD systems. These special LMD objectives feature the highest possible UV-transmission and outstanding imaging performance – the Leica SmartCut series (5x–150x).

Objective Mag. NA WD (mm) BF, POL FL DIC, PH LMD CI SOV
HCX PL FLUOTAR** 1.25x 0.04 3.7 + + +++
PLAN** 4x 0.1 26.2 + + + ++ ++
UVI 5x 0.12 11.7 + + +++ ++ ++
HI PLAN 6.3x 0.13 12.8 + + +++ ++ ++
HCX PL FLUOTAR 10x 0.3 11.0 + + + +++ + +
UVI 10x 0.25 2.9 + + + +++ +
HCX PL FLUOTAR 20x 0.4 6.9 + + + +++ + +
HCX PL FLUOTAR 40x 0.6 3.3–1.9 + + + +++
HCX PL FLUOTAR 63x 0.7 2.6–1.8 + + + +++
HCX PL FLUOTAR 150x 0.9 0.25 + + + +++

Mag. – magnification; NA – numerical aperture; WD – working distance; BF – brightfield; POL – polarized light; FL – fluorescence; DIC – differential interference contrast; PH – phase contrast; LMD – laser microdissection; CI – cap inspection; SOV – specimen overview; + = suitable; – = not suitable; ++ = dedicated for; +++ = most suitable

** Additionally recommended objectives

Technical Specifications

Dissection Dissection and Collection Unit Based on Scanning Stage Dissection and Collection Unit Based on Motorized Stage Dissection and Collection Unit Based on Scanning Stage LMT350
Specimen Collection Contact- and contamination-free
Dissection modes Draw & Cut
Move & Cut (direct online cutting)
PtoP (point-to-point)
Draw & Scan (dot dissection scan)
LMD screw (cut subsequently in Z-direction)
Shadow Cuts (parallel draw and dissection)
Serial section cutting Yes No Yes
AVC+ basic
AVC+ professional
Not recommended
Universal holder Yes No No
Stage repeatability +/- 1 µm +/- 10 µm <=+/- 0.5 µm
Stage max. travel speed 20 mm/s 200 mm/s
Stage drive Ball bearing screw Rack/ pinion Linear motor drives
Holders 3x standard slides (25 mm x 76 mm)
1x big slide (50 mm x 76 mm) or 2x standard slides (25 mm x 76 mm)
Petri dish (50 mm)
18-well slide (stack)
1x standard slide (25 mm x 76 mm)
1x big slide (50 mm x 76 mm) or 2x standard slides (25 mm x 76 mm)
Petri dish (50 mm)
4x standard slides (25 mm x 76 mm) Optional (combinations possible): 1x big slide (50 mm x 76 mm) 2x Petri dishes (50 mm) 2x 18-well Ibidi slide stacks
Collectors 4x 0.2 ml standard PCR tubes
4x 0.5 ml standard PCR tubes
Petri dish (50 mm)
2x 8-well strips building up a 96-well plate
Height adjustable universal collector (for multi-well slides, 8-strips, 8-strip tube caps, ...)
48-well collector (6x8-strip tube caps) (2x for a full 96-well plate)
4x 0.2 ml standard PCR tubes
4x 0.5 ml standard PCR tubes
1x 8-well strips building up a 96-well plate
4x 0.2 ml standard PCR tubes 4x 0.5 ml standard PCR tubes 2x Petri dishes (50 mm) Optional: 96-PCR-well plate (non-skirted or semi-skirted) 96-LCC-well plate 2x 18-well Ibidi slides 1 x 8-strip, 1 x 12-strip 1.5 ml tube (with or without filling)
Power supply CTR6/CTR6 LED Dual SP box

Leica LMD7

Leica LMD6

Type Diode pumped, solid state Diode pumped, solid state
Wavelength 349 nm 355 nm
Average pulse energy 120 µJ 70 µJ
Repetition rate 10 – 5000 Hz (free adjustable) 80 Hz (fix)
Laser aperture control Yes, continuously adjustable
Free intensity control 1-100%
UV offset freely adjustable and saved for each objective Yes
Laser beam movement Via optics
Microscope stand (fully automated DM6 B)
Transmitted light (TL) axis Contrast methods BF, optional PH, DF, POL, DIC (fully automated)
Illumination LED (PMax = 15 W ) Lamphousing
Automation Automated illumination manager
Automated contrast manager
Constant color intensity control (CCIC) for Halogen TL
Condenser Condenser head S28, 0.55 NA Motorized 7x condenser disk
Motorized polarizer
Fluorescence axis Filter cube turret Motorized 5x or 8x
Automation Fluorescence intensity manager (FIM) for brightness adjustment
Circular and rectangular field diaphragms for eyepiece or camera viewing
Internal filter wheel and motorized Excitation Manager
Illumination Leica EL6000 (120 W metal halide) or
100 W HBO
(individual filters available upon request)
Special cubes (size k) for simultaneous fluorescence and laser application
LMD-GFP band pass LMD-GFP long pass LMD-Cy3
Operation Focus Motorized:
– 5 electronic ratios
– Includes parfocal function
Memory function for two z-positions
Objective turret Motorized 7x M25 thread including dry and immersion modes
Controls 6 programmable function buttons
Leica SmartMove
Controls for z (focus) movement and x, y (stage) movement
4 programmable function buttons
Optional Leica STP8000
Controls for z (coarse and fine focus) and x, y (stage) movement
11 programmable function buttons
Touchscreen with information and control panels
Stand Display With integrated touchscreen Leica SmartTouch
Interfaces 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x I2C
Dimensions With scanning stage:
649.6 mm height, 512.0 mm width, 596.5 mm depth
System software (Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7)
Package includes
(selected features)
Dissection Automated collection devices and positioning of PCR tubes
Fully automated inspection mode
Multi-cutting over entire slide Save and load drawn shapes
User guidance Workflow based graphical user interface
Free scaling of drawn shapes
Save user profiles
Overview images in BF and Fluorescence
Control Full laser control
Control software of microscope stand
Laser and illumination settings are linked to objectives
Interfaces Export shape list data for Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice
Optional software packages   Automated vision control (AVC+ basic) for automated cell recognition within field of view only Automated vision control (AVC+ professional) for fully or semi automated cell recognition over freely defined area
Integrated database to transfer relevant data (laser, microscope and camera; database as optional)
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