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A60 F & A60 S Stereo Microscopes for Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing Industries

Optimize your productivity and production quality

Leica A-Series Promotional Video

Leica Microsystems presents a new generation of stereo microscopes ideal for electronics and medical device manufacturing. With the Leica FusionOptics technology, the instruments achieve twice of the…

Video Tutorial - A60 F installation

The easy installation of the new A60 F with the flex-arm stand is demonstrated in this video.

Video Tutorial - Leica A-series: LED illumination installation

This short video highlights the assembly of the A60 LED ring light to the optics carrier, the cable arrangement and connection to the power supply.

Video Tutorial - Leica A-series: Optic setup

This video shows you how to correctly setup the interpupillary distance as well as how to set the dioptres for the individual operator to keep the instrument parfocal.

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