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M50, M60 & M80 Routine stereo microscopes

Always ready to go!


M80 with universal base plate XL, motor focus and LED5000 MCI illumination

Leica M80

M80 with standard swingarm stand, ErgoTube 10°-50° and LED3000 NVI illumination

M80 with ErgoTube® and coarse / fine focus drive - ready to support demanding applications with mechanical resolution of down to 1,5µm.

Phototube HD V

Photo tube HD V - Changeable beam splitter from 0% to 100 %

Coarse / fine focus drive for routine stereos

Focus drive with integrated cable channel

Focus drive with T-Grove to mount accessories

AX carrier - the ideal solution to measure with a stereo microscope

Discussion tube - Discuss three dimensional objects 

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