A microscope camera for many applications

You can use the DMC6200 camera in various fields for different kinds of samples. It delivers stunning images with outstanding sharpness, excellent contrast, and true colors.

Application examples in the media gallery

  • botany
  • histology
  • materials and
  • electronic inspection 

See more details: Excellent resolution with vivid colors

With precise color measurement and outstanding sharpness you won’t miss out on any detail. The DMC6200 gets the real RGB value for every pixel at any zoom step and magnification. Even the most subtle color differences are picked up through multiple sampling.

The outcome: Stunning, true-to-life images without artifacts.

Hornet imaged with DFC550 digital camera Hornet imaged with DMC6200 pixel shift camera

More contrast - more insight

The DMC6200 delivers crisp images with excellent contrast thanks to the latest sensor technology from Sony*.

Huge pixels with 5.86 µm size catch more light and provide impressive imaging quality – also for low-light applications, e.g. in fluorescence.

With an immense dynamic range of 73 dB the camera clearly differentiates between the brightest and darkest points.

The result is obvious…

*SONY is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation

Convallaria (lily of the valley) imaged with DFC450 microscope camera Convallaria (lily of the valley) imaged with DMC6200 microscope camera

Up and running in an instant

With its USB 3.0 interface the DMC6200 is compatible with any computer and can be effortlessly connected via plug-and-play.

High-speed image acquisition

You can easily see dynamic processes with high-speed live imaging at up to 60 frames per second.

The Leica Application Suite software provides a range of solutions for your specific needs and applications.

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