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Precise color information for every situation

Pixel Shift Camera DMC6200


When you need to capture images in color as well as images of samples with bright fluorescence signals like DAPI, GFP or mCherry. The camera can deliver 8 and 16 bit images in color and B&W and is therefore suitable for all imaging tasks which require a large dynamic range.


The camera is equipped with a c-mount interface, the microscope standard for vision systems. Therefore, it can be mechanically attached to every microscope, macroscope or stereo microscope when the correct magnification of the c- mount adapter is used. Electronically the camera is fitted with a USB 3 interface for data and power, which can be connected to pretty much every PC on the market. The camera also comes with the core version of our Leica Application Suite, allowing you to capture and store images with ease.


Usually activating Auto Exposure Mode or selecting the profile for a special illumination condition is sufficient. If you use non Leica illumination a white balance on a grey surface is recommended for best possible color reproduction. 

In general Leica cameras come with 24 month warranty, but this might vary from country to country. Please contact your local Leica service or sales staff for the exact condition in your country. 

The camera package contains the current version of LAS Software. Older versions of LAS may not work. Please consult the manual for the correct version for your software. The camera is supported from LAS and from LAS X.

Minimum requirements are depending on the software used . Please consult the respective manual or ask your local Leica service or sales staff.

A USB3 port on the PC or laptop is mandatory.