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Leica EM SCD500 High vacuum sputter coater for highest resolution FE-SEM analysis

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica EM ACE600

The Leica EM SCD500 is a versatile high vacuum film deposition system designed to produce very thin, fine-grained metal films and conductive carbon coatings for highest resolution FE-SEM analysis.

The Leica EM SCD500 offers many conversion options in a single unit; high vacuum sputtering, carbon thread, thermal resistance and carbon rod evaporation, cryo preparation for freeze drying, freeze fracturing/etching, double replica, cryo coating and vacuum cryo transfer with the <link products em-sample-preparation biological-specimens room-temperature-techniques vacuum-transfer details product leica-em-vct100 em>Leica EM VCT100.

For research use only
The Leica SCD500 high vacuum sputter coater
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