Inspection Microscopes

Inspection microscopes play a very important role at many production sites and development laboratories in the automotive, transportation, microelectronics, semiconductor, medical device, and watch industries. As a device manufacturer or supplier, you can spend many hours inspecting and documenting components and parts for quality control or samples for failure analysis and R&D.

Leica Microsystems offers a variety of inspection microscopes with a range of accessories. Get in touch with Leica experts who can help you find the inspection microscope setup that best fits your specific inspection needs.

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What are your inspection microscope needs?

Deciding which Leica inspection microscope works best for you depends on your exact inspection needs. Thanks to the modular design of Leica microscopes, we can provide you with a customized solution.

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What should you observe and document with the inspection microscope?

Leica inspection microscopes cover your needs, whether it is to have an overview of a component or sample or visualize fine details. They offer high resolution, large depth of field, and optical quality. Integration with Leica cameras and the LAS X Application Suite software allows for efficient, consistent documentation of results.

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What is your budget for the inspection microscope?

Modular microscopes may look like a higher investment initially, but in the long run they save you money thanks to the variety of accessories making them versatile and adaptable. Due to the modularity, Leica microscopes can accommodate the needs of different types of inspection and users.

How many different people need to use the inspection microscope? How many hours will they work with it?

When using the inspection microscope for many hours, it is important to consider ergonomic accessories and modularity as they allow microscopes to be adjusted for each user helping to achieve fatigue-free work while greatly enhancing productivity. Modular designs allow configurations for individual inspection needs to increase efficiency and help maintain a high quality of work.

Inspection Microscopes

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Exalta is a smart device for traceable microscopy that helps you deliver reliable quality results.

Leica DM4 M - Upright Materials Microscope

Leica DM4 M

Upright Materials Microscope

3D Optical Surface Metrology System

Leica DCM8

Digital microscope for 3D surface measurement in production and research

Digital Microscope System for Laboratory Research

Leica DMS1000 B

Digital microscope for biological research and in-vitro fertilization

 Leica DM1750 M Materials Microscope

Leica DM1750 M

Materials Analysis Microscope

Materials Science / Metallography & Metallurgy

Inspection microscopes are key for obtaining an overview of a material sample or visualizing the finest details. They must deliver reliable and precise results. Leica microscopes can streamline your daily workflow with intelligent automation allowing you to run your processes with a few mouse clicks.

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Semiconductor Inspection

Modular inspection microscopes help suppliers and device manufacturers achieve fast and precise inspection and analysis for semiconductor wafer processing. Conformity to the defined specifications during semiconductor device manufacturing is critical for reliability.

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Automotive & Transportation

Inspection microscopes are critical for quality control of parts and components in the automotive and transportation industries. Leica inspection microscopes deliver reliable imaging data and results, giving you confidence during data acquisition and analysis.

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Pharmaceutical Chemical Engineering Research

Pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, research and development requires microscopes to help users clearly and precisely visualize, analyze, and document results while ensuring the highest level of accuracy. An inspection microscope should help to improve efficiency during production while achieving the excellent quality results needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions Inspection Microscopes

Leica microscopes are modular and shipped in the configuration that best fits your stated inspection needs. In case your needs change later, you can always upgrade your workstation by adding available accessories.

There are a lot of accessories. Please get in contact with your local Leica sales representative for more information. You can also visit:

As there are a lot of ergonomic accessories for Leica microscopes. For more details, please contact your local Leica sales representative. You can also visit:

The illumination is an important factor which determines what you can see with the microscope. Here you can find an overview discussing which illumination you can use to achieve the best results:

With the FLEXACAM C1 camera you can directly save images on an IT network server or USB medium. You can also send the images via e-mail without having to use a computer.

No, you don’t. By installing a FLEXACAM C1 camera, you can directly save the images on an IT network server or USB medium. You can also send the images via e-mail over your network without the need for a PC.

All Leica encoded microscope solutions offer calibration and image comparison. Furthermore, Leica Microsystems offers the free Store & Recall software which allows you to restore all system settings saved with the acquired image.

Leica Microsystems offers the free Store & Recall software which allows you to customize the microscope functions, adapting them to the requirements and needs of each individual user. The software also allows you to restore all system settings saved with the acquired image.

We have adapters for all C-mount compatible cameras.

Yes, use of a 3rd party software is possible:

LAS X software only runs with Windows, but for a MAC we have a dedicated software called ‎Leica Acquire that you could download for free from the Apple store:

There is no software for Linux.

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