See exactly what you need to see

See minute anatomical details even in deep or narrow cavities so that you can apply your skills precisely and efficiently.

This helps you to achieve the best possible results, which makes for satisfied, loyal patients.

  • Premium apochromatic optics and two LEDs deliver clear, bright, true-to-life color visualization and minimal cost of ownership.
  • Complete range of objective lenses including the Leica M320 MultiFoc Objective.
  • Optional 5-step magnification changer helps minimize workflow interruption
  • Responds to the needs of different specialties including restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, periodontics and implantology

Strengthen trust

Reinforce trust by walking your patient and their family through the steps of a procedure using live images or video playback.

Simply transfer the HD video and images to PC and store in the patient’s file, so you and your team can easily review full patient history before each visit.

Share your expertise

Live video or HD recordings can help you train your team and share your expertise with a wider audience at conferences or online.

  • Cable-free, integrated full High Definition (HD) camera with 10 MP images and video up to 1080p for crystal-clear anatomical detail and natural color
  • Store image and video on SD memory card and easily transfer to PC via the SD card or USB connection
  • Simple operation via remote control or directly on the microscope
  • Modular microscope design for future upgrading of camera technology

Enhance your comfort and efficiency

The Leica M320 has been designed to adapt to your body frame and working preference. It can also be quickly and accurately positioned with the lightest touch. The potential strain of a hunched working position and harsh movements is reduced and workflow interruptions limited. The result: You are free to concentrate on applying your dentistry skills to the full today and throughout your career.

  • Two binocular tubes: 45˚ angle for simple procedures and 180˚ movement for increased positioning flexibility
  • Two dedicated ergonomic accessories: ErgoWedge for easy adjustment and ErgonOptic Dent to extend the reach of the tubes and enable lateral swiveling for enhanced ergonomics

Keep everything in focus

The optional Leica M320 MultiFoc Objective enables you to adjust working distance from 200 mm to 300 mm with a simple turn of the adjustment knob.

By limiting the time and effort of repositioning, you maintain efficiency and concentration.

Movement is reduced so you can retain an ergonomic posture and the adjustment knob can be placed left, right or centrally according to your preference.

"With the MultiFoc Objective of my Leica M320 microscope I can easily and quickly switch between different focus levels during examination and treatment, thus being much more flexible than with a magnifying loupe."

Thorsten Wegner, Dentist, Germany

Ensure your equipment fits your practice

Designed to respond to your working preferences, space and hygiene demands, the Leica M320 offers a range of mounting options and a clean, cable-free design. The streamlined look also compliments the high-quality image of your dental practice which can reinforce patient confidence and set you apart.

  • Sleek, virtually jointless design with cables routed internally for easy cleaning
  • Available with a robust floor stand, wall mount or ceiling mount and can also be integrated into dental treatment units from a number of leading manufacturers

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