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Leica M320 for dental Dental Microscope

Designed for Dentists

Archived Product
Replaced by M320 D

LED facts

Nominal lifetime: 60 000 hours. This reduces the cost of ownership and eliminates retrofit expenses. Color temperature: Daylight temperature (5 700°K) for high-fidelity image colors. Light…

High-definition documentation

The benchmark for image sharing and documentation. "Dentists who can visualize their skills gain trust!"

Integrated HD video system with 1080 × 720p (MPEG-4) Integrated HD camera for 3-megapixel…

Leica APOchromatic optics

Large field of view Large depth of field Superior light gathering Superior contrast & crispness

Large selection of binocular tubes

to suit every dentist's working preferences and specialization

Binocular tube 0-180° with ErgoMod Dent (large image) Binocular tube 0-180° Binocular tube inclined 45° Binocular tube inclined 45°…

Hands-on design

with vibration-minimizing bearings for easy handling and more efficiency

Microscope arm: perpendicular & inclined Ergonomic handles: front & lateral

Better resistance to surface pathogens

The image shows a typical structure of a metal powder (Ag) produced via inert gas condensation (nano powder). This exclusive Leica antimicrobial nano silver coating (AgProtectTM) reduces pathogens on…

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