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Leica M530 OH6 Neurosurgery Microscope

Stay Focused

Archived Product
Replaced by ARveo 8

As a surgeon you have to be focused. Focused on achieving the best possible result for your patient. Focused on what matters in every single moment of the surgery. The Leica M530 OH6 has been designed to support you in staying focused: It offers optimal visualization thanks to the groundbreaking FusionOptics technology which combines high resolution and increased depth of field. Plus, the truly ergonomic design enables you to operate in a comfortable position. With less physical distraction you can remain focused on the critical task at hand.

By the way, when you require additional visual information, for example from endoscope or IGS system, opt for the CaptiView image injection module. With 1920 x 1080 pixel, full HD display and LED backlight, you benefit from bright, crisp images with distinct margins, injected directly into the microscope eyepieces.

Availability of products or features depends on local registrations. Please contact your Leica Microsystems’ representative for availability in your region.
Leica M530 OH6
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