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George Galea , Dr.

George Galea

George is a researcher working in Pepperkok team at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany. His research focuses on understanding how the Golgi complex interacts with other organelles to coordinate various cellular processes in response to physiologically relevant cues such as DNA damage events. To better understand these processes, he applies multi-omic approaches including high-throughput imaging to dissect the Golgi structure organization and DNA repair mechanics.

Untreated Hela Kyoto cells stained to show the nucleus (Hoechst, blue), the cis-golgi matrix protein GM130 (AF488, green), and the trans-golgi network membrane protein TGN46 (AF647, red).

Golgi Organizational Changes in Response to Cell Stress

VIDEO ON DEMAND - In this episode of MicaCam, our special guest George Galea from EMBL Heidelberg will look at HeLa Kyoto cells treated with various chemotherapeutic agents to investigate their effect…
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