Martin Nopens , M.Sc.

Martin Nopens

Martin Nopens is a research associate at the Institute of Wood Science, Universität Hamburg, Germany. He has a Master’s degree in Wood Science and Technology with high emphasis on analytical chemistry. Nopens specialized on the interactions between moisture and lignocellulosic materials such as wood. Within his work, he is investigating the influence of changing climate conditions on the ultrastructure (molecular structure) of plant cell walls. Recently he was able to describe for the first time the immediate dependency of water sorption and dimensional changes in wood. Currently he is working on groundbreaking theories about the makeup of lignocellulosic materials and water sorption mechanisms, questioning contemporary scientific consensus. His work is advancing the understanding of natural materials in general and will facilitate the development of new resource-efficient process technologies as well as prolong the time of service of lignocellulosic products.