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Melinda Angus-Hill

Melinda Angus-Hill

Melinda Angus-Hill completed a Ph.D. in Oncological sciences and a postdoctoral fellowship in translational cancer research and genetics, where she developed mouse models of human disease. She was a Validation Scientist for the Cell DIVE, super-resolution and high content imaging solutions, where she represented the voice of customer perspective, and provided technical expertise and application validation support. Melinda has also led a research laboratory as a Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah, US, where she studied the effects of mind body medicine and stress reduction on the tumor microenvironment and tumor progression in colorectal cancer models.  

Cell counts for each biomarker were divided by total number of cells to give a percentage of biomarker positive cells out of total cells for each biomarker.

Methods to Improve Reproducibility in Spatial Biology Research

Establish reproducibility results for a Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging study in cancer research using the BAB 200 automated system from ASLS and validated antibodies from CST
PDAC Multiplexed imaging of CST panels enables an examination of immune cell components in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (IPDAC) tissue on a single slide.

Characterizing tumor environment to reveal insights and spatial resolution

Antibodies from Cell Signaling Technology are validated for use with the Cell DIVE multiplexing workflow and used to probe cell lineages in the tumor microenvironment
Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma with 5 biomarkers shown – SMA, PanCK PCK26, PanCK AE1, Vimentin, and Glut1.

Dig Deeper Into the Complexities of Pancreatic Cancer with Multiplex Imaging

Cell DIVE is an iterative staining workflow for multiplexed imaging that unveils biological pathways to dig deeper into the complexities of pancreatic cancer.

Designing your Research Study with Multiplexed IF Imaging

Multiplexed tissue analysis is a powerful technique that allows comparisons of cell-type locations and cell-type interactions within a single fixed tissue sample. It is common for researchers to ask…

Be Confident in your Results with Cell DIVE Validated Antibodies

The Cell DIVE System includes a carefully curated list of hundreds of commercially available antibodies validated to offer optimal specificity and sensitivity in multiplexed imaging. That validation…
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