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Peter Bauer , Dipl. Geol.

Peter Bauer

Peter Bauer, Director Product Management ID, Heerbrugg Switzerland, graduated in Geology (with a primary focus on Structural Geology) from the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen/Germany. During his master thesis, he was working on Fluid and Methane Transport in Accretionary Wedges. From 1996 to 1999, he worked on experimental deformation of rock analogue material with in-situ observation to draw conclusions of the deformation behavior of  rock at the brittle-ductile transition. Throughout this entire time, he was working intensively with different kinds of microscopes and was a customer of Leica. In 2010, he graduated with an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen /Switzerland  (HSG). In 1999, Peter Bauer was hired as a Product Manager for Polarization Microscopy at Leica Microsystems in Wetzlar. Since 2005, he is based in Switzerland and has been heading the PM team of the Industry Division of Leica Microsystems since 2007. Within the Industry Division, he is responsible for Innovation and Commercialization of Products geared towards the markets in Education, Industry, Material Science and Forensic. Observing market trends, collecting the needs of the customers and transferring these into innovative products and solutions are the primary focus.

Object planes of the Greenough stereomicroscope with depth of field range.

Depth of Field in Microscopy

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