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Philippe Bijlenga , Professor

Philippe Bijlenga

Prof. Philippe Bijlenga is a Neurosurgeon at the Geneva University Hospitals in Switzerland. He is specialized in neurosurgical pathologies, in particular brain vessel lesions and skull lesions. Prof. Bijlenga is involved in several projects to improve the safety of neurosurgery procedures and advance standards of care.

Use of GLOW800 Augmented Reality during AVM surgery. Image courtesy of Prof. Philippe Bijlenga.

AR Fluorescence in Aneurysm Clipping and AVM Surgery

Discover how GLOW800 Augmented Reality fluorescence supports neurovascular surgical procedures and in particular aneurysm clipping and AVM surgery.
Brain tumor surgical planning leveraging Augmented Reality. Image courtesy of Prof. Philippe Bijlenga.

Augmented Reality Assisted Navigation in Neuro-Oncological Surgery

In neuro-oncological surgery, new technologies such as Augmented Reality are helping to improve surgical precision enabling a precise trajectory, conformational resection, the absence of collateral…
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