Be Confident in your Results with Cell DIVE Validated Antibodies


The Cell DIVE System includes a carefully curated list of hundreds of commercially available antibodies validated to offer optimal specificity and sensitivity in multiplexed imaging. That validation provides everything you need to know to quickly source the right antibody for your research question, use it at an optimal concentration, and start creating multiplexed images immediately. Each antibody on the list undergoes a rigorous 3-step characterization process to (a) assess its performance on FFPE samples, (b) determine its optimal staining conditions and if it can be used as a direct conjugate, and (c) document occasional antigen effects due to the dye-inactivation process in the Cell DIVE workflow.


In this technical note, learn how each characterization step is carried out and the information garnered from the process.

Download the Technical Note "Be Confident in your Results with Cell DIVE Validated Antibodies" (pdf)

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