Cell DIVE: Unraveling Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer

Multiplex imaging that’s scalable and efficient


Webinar on-demand. In this webinar, we present a case study of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and demonstrate how to label >60 biomarkers per tissue section and use advanced clustering and analysis techniques. Register to watch the webinar now!

If you're working in cancer research, you know that understanding the complex interactions between tumors and the immune system is crucial. But standard immunofluorescence labelling has limitations in the number of markers that can be used.

Our solution, which utilizes spatial biology, overcomes these limitations. With our tool, you can visualize larger numbers of markers on the same tissue section, making it easier to characterize complex tumor microenvironments. Choose our solution to gain deeper insights into tumor-immune interactions.

Key Learnings

Using this example, you will learn

  • How labelling of of >60 biomarkers per section is possible with the Cell Dive Imager
  • How the tumour, stroma and normal tissue can easily be segmented and analysed
  • How normal and hypoxic areas of the tumour can be differentially analysed
  • How advanced clustering and analysis techniques can offer insight into spatial relationships of different cell types within different parts of the tumour

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