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FluoSync - a Fast & Gentle Method for Unmixing Multicolour Images

A streamlined approach for simultaneous multiplex fluorescent imaging using a single exposure


In this white paper, we focus on a fast and reliable method for obtaining high-quality multiplex images in fluorescence microscopy. FluoSync combines an existing method for hybrid unmixing with simultaneous acquisition of multiple spectral detection ranges in a single step. This way, several fluorophores can be imaged simultaneously without worrying about crosstalk, selection filters, or losing precious photons at higher speeds. Mica is the first product designed around the FluoSync detection concept to yield an easy to use, yet highly versatile Microhub. With Mica, getting the true signal out of your sample has never been easier.

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FluoSync - simultaneous multilabel imaging

Find out how to detect multiple labels at the same time, without worrying about crosstalk.

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