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Why 3D Microscope Visualization Enriches Surgical ENT Education

Benefits of 3D visualization in ENT surgery training – explained by Dr. John Hamilton

John Hamilton, Bchir, MB, FRCS, Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon, Gloucester Royal Hospital. Dr. Hamilton during ontological surgery with his trainees.  Dr._Hamilton_during_ontological_surgery_with_his_trainees.jpg

Otological surgery is a spatially complex procedure due to the intricate microanatomy of the structures involved. Due to the deep location of the relevant anatomy and underlying pathology, 3D visualization or stereoscopic vision of the operating field is essential to achieving optimal outcomes in ENT surgery. The common 2D visualization in ENT surgical education with the use of a monocular for student observation of the surgical field has always presented a major teaching challenge. The introduction of 3D teaching in ENT surgery training has significantly improved surgical otolaryngologist education in the operating room.

About the White Paper

In our white paper, Dr. John Hamilton, our expert in ENT surgery and training, explains the importance and advantages of 3D visualization in surgical otolaryngologist education. You will learn about the advantages of 3D visualization in the operating room for the entire surgical team.

What to expect in the White Paper

Key Learnings

  • Understand the advantages of 3D visualization in ENT surgery and training.
  • Learn about the 3D visualization feature of the M530 OHX surgical microscope and the enhanced viewing experience it provides during otological surgery.
  • Discover the benefits of using a surgical microscope for ENT training, such as inclusivity during surgical procedures, patient safety, enhanced comfort for surgical staff, and image quality with true-to-life colors.

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