Optimized Vision in Endodontic Surgeries and Procedures


Microscopes are playing an increasingly important role in endodontic surgery as they enable minimally invasive procedures to be carried out. Endodontists can work with high precision from the first cut to the final suture, thanks to the detailed microscopic view.

In these case videos, Dr. Fabio Gorni illustrates the advantages of micro dentistry and the role of a dental microscope. He explains how, in his experience, the enhanced visualization of fine anatomical details provided by a microscope can help him to:

  • Decrease tooth damages and preserve teeth
  • Avoid complications during surgery
  • Reduce post-operative pain
  • Reduce time in the dentists’ chair

According to Dr. Gorni a microscope supports him to carry out individual treatment steps more precisely and carefully which may improve the success of the treatment. He therefore believes that the dental microscope has become indispensable for successful endodontic surgery.

Case collection by Dr. Gorni illustrating the advantages of a dental microscope in endodontic surgeries and procedures

Discover the anatomy

Discover the anatomy

Cleaning and Shaping the Root canal System

Cleaning and Shaping the Root canal System

An invasive cervical resorption

A lower molar retreatment

A lower molar retreatment

Broken File Removal

Disassembling in a retreatment case

Microsurgery: Endodontic Flap

Sinus lift

Discovering the anatomy during micro endodontic surgery

The advantages of a microscope in micro endodontic surgery

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