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How to Drape an Overhead Surgical Microscope

ARveo 8 & M530 OXH Step-by-step Tutorial

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Microscope draping is critical to maintain a sterile environment and prevent contamination and infections. At Leica, we are committed to supporting you in your surgical practice. In the video below, discover a step-by-step tutorial on how to drape your overhead surgical microscope. The tutorial features the ARveo 8 digital visualization microscope for complex neurosurgery. The procedure also applies to the M530 OHX, OH6, OH5 and OH4.

Key Highlights

Before draping the microscope:

  • Make sure the binocular tubes are configured in the correct position
  • Check that the balancing has been done properly

Microscope draping procedure:

  • Open the drape (to be done by the non-sterile nurse)
  • Unfold the drape
  • Detach the rubber bands
  • Find and lift the lens cover
  • Fasten the lens cover on the microscope
  • Pull the drape over the microscope head and arm
  • Drape the eyepieces
  • Secure with the Velcro straps
  • Put the remaining drape inside the empty space
  • Wrap the bands around the microscope head and arm
  • Use the rubber bands to tighten if necessary

Final steps:

  • Press the SMARS button or the Air Removal button (only available on the ARveo microscope and to be pressed by the circulating nurse)
  • Rotate the microscope to ensure it can be moved easily in all directions

The microscope is now ready to use!

Watch the Video

Are you looking for advice on draping your microscope? Discover our step-by-step tutorial explaining how to drape your overhead surgical microscope.

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