Why is Manual Visual Inspection of Medical Devices so Challenging?

How the challenges can be overcome with a digitally enhanced solution

This article discusses how manual visual inspection, which is prevalent in the medical device industry, can lead to inconsistent results. It also addresses the challenges quality managers and operators are confronted with when doing manual inspection and how they can be overcome with a digitally enhanced inspection solution.


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There are multiple reasons why manual inspection leads to inconsistency:

  • Difficulty to ensure that standard procedures are followed by multiple operators doing inspection
  • Many manual steps, such as data and documentation transfer
  • Paper-based documentation rather than digital

Users can achieve a digitally enhanced solution with the help of the Exalta smart device for traceable microscopy. It offers step-by-step work instructions across multiple operators during inspection, automated data transfer, and efficient report generation. It also helps user to be ready for regulations concerning electronic records and signatures.

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