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EZStore™ Design

Integrated vertical handle provides easy carrying and lifting when storing on high shelves; undercut on front of stand works in combination with the handle for safer, two-handed carrying. Integrated cord wrap eliminates damage to microscope components from improper cord wrapping; vertical cord insertion prevents the cord from pulling partially out of the stand while in storage or in use. The unique shape of the microscope stand protects controls from damage when microscopes are stored side-byside.

    Microscope stage maintains its dimension, which eliminates the chance of injury from contact with a conventional stage rack. Rounded edges are easy on the skin.
    Providing power to the Leica USB cameras is extremely easy. Simply connect the camera via the provided USB cable to the 5 V/1.5 A USB power connector on the rear of the Leica DM500 and Leica DM750 stand. This saves the cost of an external power supply for the camera plus reduces the complexity at the workstation.
    Student friendly slide holder helps prevent slide chipping.

LED Illumination

EZLite™ provides cool, white light with a lifetime of over 20 years average use. There is no need to change lamps during lab time, and this saves the expense of replacement lamps as well. The cost-savings pays for several microscopes over their lifetimes.

Leica DM500 flexacam monitor blur background


The possible contamination with germs from surfaces is of great concern, especially in educational environments. Leica Microsystems has integrated an additive to the material of all microscope touchpoints to inhibit the growth of bacteria. This helps prevent the spread of disease via the microscope surfaces and leads to a healthier laboratory environment.

Leica DM500 with Monitor and Flexacam i5
Leica DM500 with Monitor and Flexacam i5

Leica DM500 – Science Teaching Made Easy

The Leica DM500 is ideal for entry level Life Science courses. The microscope’s stand provides “plug and play” capability. All students need to do is turn the power on, place the specimen slide on the stage, focus, and enjoy the view!

  • Ready to work: Pre-centered, pre-focused Abbe condenser eliminates the need for adjustments
  • EZTUBE™:  Eyepieces integrated with the eyetubes prevents loss; Preset diopter adjustments eliminates the risk of incorrectly setting the diopters; Other viewing tubes are also available
  • Safer rotation: Captive thumbscrew for safer rotation of the EZTube™
  • All in one: Abbe Condenser with slot for phase contrast and darkfield sliders, including a 4 position phase slider, which offers brightfield and phase capabilities all in one slider
  • Perfect light: LED illumination designed to provide even lighting across the full field of view without adjustments

EZTube™ with preset diopter – avoids incorrect adjustments
EZTube™ with preset diopter – avoids incorrect adjustments

A New Generation's Choice of Innovative Educational Microscopes

The more time the instructor has to teach, the more students can learn. The Leica DM500 and Leica DM750 microscopes were specifically developed to revitalize science teaching and to achieve the goal of more hands-on time for Life Science courses. With many student-friendly features and high-quality construction, the Leica DM500 and Leica DM750 invigorate science learning and teach the next generation of scientists effectively and efficiently.

Leica Education DM500 & DM750
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