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Prof. Rosbash using Stellaris Microscope

Michael Rosbash, Nobel laureate for physiology or medicine in 2017, shares his thoughts on technology and research

4K camera in ENT microscope supports patient communication

Aivia workshops demonstrate the power of AI-based image analysis for various applications

Microscope Camera K3C & K3M

Suitable for a wide range of brightfield and entry-level fluorescence quantitative imaging applications in life science and industry

The new Flexacam C3 microscope camera

All-In-One Digital Inspection Solution from Leica Microsystems

This image shows the original result of autonomous detection of an organoid with Avia 10. No parameters were adjusted by the user.

Experience new functions with a free trial on the Aivia web platform

Image collage of a dividing HeLa cell. Left cell shows the fluorescent signals H2B-mCherry and alphaTubulin-mEGFP to visualize microtubules and DNA. The right image shows the corresponding cell, imaged in a transmission electron microscope.

New solution promises to accelerate experimental success and improve process reliability as industry looks to faster drug discovery post-Covid

Image analysis using Aivia based on a single timepoint of a time-lapse recording of mammary epithelial micro spheroid cultured in 3D highlighting individual mitotic events. Data courtesy of intelligent imaging group (B. Eismann/C. Conrad at BioQuant/DKFZ Heidelberg)

Wetzlar, Germany, March 16th 2021. Leica Microsystems, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of opto-digital imaging solutions in the field of…

Showcase your images and win a prize. Submit your best image of a sample coated with your EM ACE600. Final entry date: 30.06.2021

Leica Microsystems has announced a partnership with Imperial College London in the field of optical imaging and its use in research and innovation, to…

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