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LNG-non-LNGHeLa cells labeled with light blue – Hoechst

CryoET experimental success rates improved through confocal 3D targeting

Mica Microhub opened

New Mica imaging platform from Leica Microsystems brings previously inaccessible experiments to all life science researchers

Collaborative research in the state-of-the-art imaging centre

Next-generation digital visualization microscope from Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems supports innovation through partnership agreement

Dr. Padilla-Parra from King’s College in London provides expert insight

Prof. Rosbash using Stellaris Microscope

Michael Rosbash, Nobel laureate for physiology or medicine in 2017, shares his thoughts on technology and research

4K camera in ENT microscope supports patient communication

Aivia workshops demonstrate the power of AI-based image analysis for various applications

Microscope Camera K3C & K3M

Suitable for a wide range of brightfield and entry-level fluorescence quantitative imaging applications in life science and industry

The new Flexacam C3 microscope camera

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