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Digital Microscopes / 3D Display Microscopes

Digital microscopes are microscopes without eyepieces. A digital camera acts as a detector. Images are displayed on a screen or monitor, turning the microscopy workstation into an ergonomic computer workplace.

Inspection, documentation, and analysis without eyepieces

For inspection, documentation, and analyses such as measurement in 2D and 3D as well as 3D topographies in surface metrology, they have become increasingly popular in production, quality control and quality assurance, failure analysis, research and development as well as forensics. Digital microscopes even have their areas of application in the life sciences.

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Software for easy operation and reliable results

Software plays a crucial part in digital microscopy. It supports users in many ways, for example by reducing a complex operation to one click.

Central functions are:

  • Acquisition of images and image stacks
  • Display and analysis of the 2D and 3D data
  • Saving all details with the images through coded parameters
  • Creation of comprehensive reports

Tilting for more insight

Some digital microscopes offer a tilting functionality, so that samples can be observed from various angles. This is especially helpful for inspection of

  • Complex structures such as corrosion patterns in metal parts in manufacturing or material science
  • Part defects examined during failure analysis
  • Bonds used in semiconductor production
  • Insects in entomology or forensics

Video functionality allows users to record the changing view of a sample during tilting or rotation for documentation and sharing of the findings.

Less time to learn, more time to work

Last but not least, digital microscopes have another advantage:

Inexperienced microscopy users often find work with a digital microscope needs little time getting used to.

Achieve results quickly

They achieve results quickly and can check the quality of the image directly on screen. 

Why use Leica digital microscopes?

Digital microscopes by Leica Microsystems are optimized over the entire inspection, documentation, and analysis workflow.
We take a close look at what it is exactly that the users of our microscopes do.

Our customers help us with their feedback – our product management and research & development translate this into instruments that will serve you well all through your working day. 

Easy operation: Leica digital microscopes can be handled intuitively over the entire microscopy workflow. One example: This video shows how an objective can be exchanged one-handedly.

Smooth workflow: Leica digital microscopes streamline the workflow from positioning the sample to generating a report. Software additionally speeds up handling.

Perfect images: Leica optics are world-renowned for their quality. Digital microscope optics and cameras yield images that capture every detail of your samples in natural, true-to-life colors.

Comfortable posture: Leica digital microscopes turn the microscopy workstation into a computer workplace. Working in a straight, upright posture can help prevent health issues due to physical strain. 

Versatile imaging: Leica digital microscopes offer a long working distance for samples big and small. Together with the large depth of field, this reduces or eliminates the need to prepare the samples. 

Peace of mind: Leica digital microscopes yield repeatable, traceable results, no matter how many colleagues use the microscope. Ease of use and features like encoding make this possible.

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