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  • Live Cell Imaging

    Live Cell Imaging

    Shifting perspective from single microscope components to a full working live cell imaging solution, Leica Microsystems integrates microscope, LAS X imaging software, cameras, and dedicated third-party components into a complete live cell imaging system.
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  • Cell Culture

    Cell Culture

    Growing cells under lab conditions is the base for scientists working in the fields of cell biology, cancer research, developmental biology or any kind of life science and pharma research. Find out how Leica helps to culture animal cells in the lab.
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  • Micromanipulation


    Witness automated, fast micromanipulation with this easy and convenient system from Leica Microsystems. Fully equipped with inverted research microscope and electronic micromanipulators, these complete solutions provides safer operation, reduced system vibration and time-savings during both routine work and training.
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  • Introduction to Mammalian Cell Culture
    Science Lab Topic: Live-Cell Imaging

    Introduction to Mammalian Cell Culture

    Mammalian cell culture is one of the basic pillars of life sciences. Without the ability to grow cells in the lab, the fast progress in disciplines like cell biology, immunology, or cancer research would be unthinkable. This article gives an overview of mammalian cell culture systems. Mainly, they can be categorized according to their morphology, as well as cell type and organization. Moreover, you can find basic information about the correct growth conditions and what kind of microscope you need to watch your cells.
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