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Show answer How do I use the Enersight Software Platform?

The Enersight software can be operated directly on a monitor, mobile device, or with a computer. You can use Enersight On-Screen Display, which is embedded in the hardware of all compatible devices, to operate your microscope or camera after plugging in the power supply, USB stick, mouse, and monitor. To use Enersight Desktop, a PC-based software, download it from the Leica website and connect the device via a USB-C/A cable to a computer. Alternatively, you can use your mobile device to control the microscope or camera via the Enersight Mobile App. To connect a mobile device to a camera, please refer to tutorial clip First steps with Enersight.

Show answer Which devices are powered by Enersight?

The Ivesta 3 (Integrated camera) microscope, Flexacam i5 and c5 microscope cameras, Flexacam C3 camera, and Emspira 3 digital microscope work with Enersight.

Show answer What can I do with Enersight?

With Enersight software platform, you can acquire images, record videos, compare a live image with a reference via one click, perform measurements, annotate live images, create, and use custom overlays, share images, and benefit from user management functionalities that allow you to tailor the Enersight User Interface to your needs.

Show answer Which format and resolutions are supported by Enersight?

Life image and video recording in 4k, 1080, or 720 resolutions with up to 60 fps (frames per second) in MP4 format. Image acquisition in 4k, 1080, 720, 12MP or 3MP resolutions with a JPG/JPEG, TIFF, BMP formats.

Show answer How can I calibrate a camera or digital microscope with Enersight?

First, navigate to the Measurement Tab and Calibration, then place a scale on your microscope stage and set the zoom to the lowest value (e.g., 0.6x), click on Create calibration, enter a value for the linear bar in the desired units, and click "Ok". The calibration value for this magnification is now saved. Then, move to the next zoom value (e.g., 1.0x) and repeat the same actions. You can do the calibration for multiple, or all zoom values if needed. A list of all your saved calibration data can be found in the measurement tab. While doing measurements, please make sure your zoom value corresponds to the calibration value you saved for this magnification step.

Show answer How can I create, edit, upload, and use custom overlays?

To create a custom overlay, please go to the Measurement tab, draw the desired shapes, or perform measurements, then save it as an overlay by clicking on the corresponding button. Your overlay will appear in the Overlay tab under Custom overlays. To use it during live imaging, simply click on it. To upload overlays from the computer, click the Upload button in the Overlay Tab. To edit overlays, navigate to the Measurement tab and click on Import annotations. The window with custom overlays will pop up, then select the desired overlay which will be shown in the measurement tab in an editable format. To save your changes, save this overlay again. To use custom overlays for multiple devices and operation modes, simply save it onto a USB stick.

Show answer How can I save images to a network folder?

Using Enersight On-Screen Display, you can set up a network folder in which you can save your images. Please refer to tutorial clip Documentation and Sharing. To be able to save files on a network folder via Enersight Desktop, please set the network folder as default in the Gallery tab. To be able to upload files to a network folder via Enersight Mobile, please use your mobile device’s OS capabilities, by clicking on the Share button in the triple-dot menu of your image or video file.

Show answer Can I acquire images in a negative mode and apply it to the live image?

Yes, you turn the live image into a negative using the camera settings. Take a picture, set it as a comparison in the Gallery, change the transparency to the preferred level, and click on Comparison in the menu bar. As a result, two images will appear on the screen. To overlap one image with another, double click twice on the screen. The comparison functionality is available with Enersight OSD and Enersight Desktop.

Show answer Which measurement and annotation functions are available with Enersight?

In the Measurement tab of Enersight, you have the following tools: selection, distance line tools, measurement tolerancing*, angle, circle tool, edge detection (snap-to-edge)*, shape / polygon, point-to-point measurement, consecutive numbering, and text / line / arrow annotations.

*only available with Enersight Desktop and Enersight OSD

Show answer Wie verbinde ich das Gerät zum ersten Mal mit WLAN?

Öffnen Sie Enersight OSD und gehen Sie in den Einstellungen zur Registerkarte „Netzwerk“. Verbinden Sie Ihre Kamera auf folgende Weise mit dem Netzwerk:

a) über LAN-Kabel mit eingeschaltetem DHCP oder manueller Einstellung der IP-Adresse, die von Ihrem IT-Support bereitgestellt wird; oder

b) stecken Sie einen WLAN-Dongle in die Rückseite, verwenden Sie den Client-Modus, scannen Sie die SSIDs Ihres WLANs, wählen Sie den gewünschten aus, geben Sie Ihren Benutzernamen und Ihr Passwort ein und schalten Sie das WLAN ein.

Informationen dazu, wie Sie den Netzwerkordner einrichten oder Bilder per E-Mail versenden, bietet Ihnen das Video-Tutorial „Dokumentation & Teilen“.

Show answer What are the system requirements for Enersight Desktop?

The only system requirements for Enersight Desktop are using Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11.

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