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Enersight Microscope Software Platform

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Leica Microsystems Tutorials YouTube Channel

Leica Microsystems Tutorials YouTube Channel

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The Enersight software platform

Leica microscope solutions for inspection are powered by Enersight software. Simplify and streamline inspection and documentation workflows. Ensure reliable results.

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Consistent operation

Perform inspection tasks in a consistent way with the Enersight software platform, independent of the microscope. The Enersight common interface can be used in multiple operation modes, such as…

Directly compare to references with a single click

Facilitate pass / fail decisions during inspection by comparing your live image directly to customized overlays which you can create with the Enersight software. Judge whether your sample is in or out…

Identify defects during visual inspection

During inspection you can see the sample details fast with Enersight. Get higher contrast, better balanced live images thanks to high dynamic range (HDR). Quickly reveal details in both light and dark…

Measure directly during visual inspection

Multiple sample features can be measured in the live image and the results are saved with the image for documentation. Easily measure distances with the measurement tool. More accurate measurements…

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