Enersight Microscope Software Platform

Energized for inspection

Devices powered by Enersight

The following Leica devices are powered by Enersight software platform, with more to be added soon.


Enersight OSD
(on-screen display, no PC needed)

Enersight Mobile
(for tablet and mobile phones)

Enersight Desktop
(for computer)

Emspira 3 digital microscope x x x
Ivesta 3 Greenough stereo microscopes with camera x x x
Flexacam c5 / i5 microscope cameras x x x


Common interface used with multiple operation modes x x x
Simplified use with an adaptable user interface x x x
Customizable for each user group (user management) x - x
Automatic camera setting adjustment x x x

Image Acquisition

Focus feedback: Help reaching the max level of focus x - x
Histogram showing brightness data to help optimize illumination x - x


Image & video recording, gallery x x x
Save images on a network x (automatic save) x (manual save) x (automatic save)
Share results via email x x (manually) x (manually)
Annotate images x x x
Consecutive numbering of sample details x x x

Measurement & Analysis

Measure directly during inspection x x x
Directly compare to reference images or overlays with tolerances x - x
Snap-to-edge assistance for circular measurements (on OSD it is "edge detection") x - x
HDR for higher contrast, better balanced live images x - x
Negative mode to highlight hard-to-see details x x x


General settings x x x

x = included, o = optional, - = not available

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