Analyzing Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel

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Oftentimes we find ourselves caught up in tedious analyses by reticle and comparison chart, time-consuming double-evaluation according to several standards or subjective inspection results with a bias from different users.

In this webinar, Dr. Nicol Ecke will talk about the advantages of automated analysis of non-metallic inclusions using LAS X Steel Expert. Learn how this will help you get the reliable, unbiased and standard-compliant results you are aiming for faster and easier than ever before.

  • Classify and rate non-metallic inclusions in accordance with latest standards, such as DIN EN 10247, ASTM E45, ISO 4967, SEP 1571
  • Achieve objective, reproducible inspection results across all users
  • Rate the quality of your steel according to several standards faster and easier than before
  • Analyze even large sample areas with statistically-high relevance results

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