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Joyce Schmatz , PhD

Joyce Schmatz

Joyce Schmatz heads Research & Service Innovation and is managing director at MaP – Microstructure and Pores GmbH, Aachen, Germany. As a geologist holding a PhD in Structural Geology from RWTH Aachen University, in the last decade her research was focused on rock-fluid interaction in the Earth’s upper crust. Schmatz proved the existence of asperity pinning effects in two-phase fluid flow interactions between brine and enclosed oil droplets via high-resolution Cryo-BIB-SEM imaging. She continues to contribute to a better understanding of mass transfer and transport processes to improve predictions on the long-term stability of nuclear waste repositories, as well as a better understand of two-phase flow properties in subsurface reservoirs. More recently, her work inside MaP has extended beyond geological applications of these technologies into material- and life-sciences, pushing the boundaries on what is possible to achieve in microstructural imaging and analysis with the technology available today.

Studying the Microstructure of Natural Polymers in Fine Detail

The potential of cryogenic broad ion beam milling used in combination with scanning electron microscopy (cryo-BIB-SEM) for imaging and analyzing the microstructure of cryogenically stabilized soft…

Macroscale to Nanoscale Pore Analysis of Shale and Carbonate Rocks

Physical porosity in rocks, like shale and carbonate, has a large effect on the their storage capacity. The pore geometries also affect their permeability. Imaging the visible pore space provides…
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