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Eyecare Clinic in Brescia, Italy

Eyecare Clinic, in the three offices of Milan, Brescia and Modena, is an institute specialized in diagnosis, study and solution of vision defects (myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism) and in the treatment of eye diseases. The Institute practices advanced Laser Ocular Surgery and Advanced Laser Surgery, using the latest generation of equipment for early diagnosis and resolution. Non-invasive surgery techniques at the latest forefront and continuous research in the different fields of eye microsurgery makes Eyecare Clinic one of the best eye care centers in Europe. Eyecare Clinic works with a team of high-level professional doctors and surgeons who have gained significant experience in the different disciplines in the field of care and research.

Since its foundation, Eyecare Clinic has focused a lot on training and updating all the professionals who work in various ways in the field of refractive and vision surgery. Alongside the professional fellowship programs in clinical ophthalmology, surgical, nursing and orthoptical ophthalmology, Eyecare Clinic promotes specific information initiatives open to the public. The commitment is aimed at spreading the ‘culture of vision’ even among non-experts, giving the opportunity to the non-specialist public to deal with ophthalmologists on the latest news in the field of vision surgery and ophthalmology.

Source: (11/16/2023)

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