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How OCT-guided Eye Surgery can help you to Focus on Perfection

Free webinar on-demand


Watch the successful clinical online symposium on-demand. Find out what Dr. Parolini says about the benefits of OCT-guided ophthalmic surgery. She presents clinical cases and shares her experience with the EnFocus intraoperative OCT built into the Proveo 8 microscope.

What to expect in the webinar

Key Learnings

  • How greater insights with bright and sharp OCT images support surgeons
  • How real-time OCT imaging helps to adjust the surgical plan and provides more confidence to surgeons
  • How EnFocus OCT built into the Proveo 8 microscope enables smooth, independent workflow for maximum freedom in the OR
  • Practical examples of surgery for epiretinal membrane, macular hole, retinal detachment, PVR, high myopia, subretinal surgery, and more

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