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Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, USA

Washington University School of Medicine is an international leader in patient care, research and education. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, the school’s faculty and alumni have contributed major discoveries and innovations in the fields of science and clinical medicine since the school’s founding in 1891.

Source: (11/16/2023)

Applying dispersive viscoelastic to coat the anterior chamber. Image courtesy of Arsham Sheybani, MD, Washington University School of Medicine.

Dislocated Cataract Angle Closure Aided by Intraoperative OCT

Learn how a dislocated cataract was treated with angle closure assisted by intraoperative OCT to achieve long-term good results without future lens dislocation.
Dr. Sheybani places the new subconjunctival stent in the anterior chamber. Images courtesy of Arsham Sheybani, MD.

Glaucoma Stent Revision Surgery Guided by Intraoperative OCT

Learn about a glaucoma subconjunctival stent revision guided by intraoperative OCT and the important role it plays to ensure the best outcome.
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