Kinetochore Assembly during Mitosis with TauSTED on 3D

TauSTED: pushing STED beyond its limits with lifetime


Three-dimensional organization of the mitotic spindle together with the distribution of CENP-C and BUB1 based on TauSTED with multiple STED lines (592, 660 and 775 nm) can provide insights on kinetochore assembly. 


Three-color TauSTED 660, 592 and 775 on mitotic cells immunostained for tubulin (cyan; 560-nm excitation), CENP-C (yellow; 488-nm excitation) and BUB1 (magenta; 647-nm excitation). Sample courtesy Carlos Sacristan Lopez, Hubrecht Institute,Utrecht*. 

Images acquired on STELLARIS 8 STED with motCorr 93X glycerol STED WHITE objective lens and Power HyD X detectors.

*Details of how this sample is used to understand kinetochore assembly can be read in Sacristan, C. et al. Dynamic kinetochore size regulation promotes microtubule capture and chromosome biorientation in mitosis. Nat. Cell Biol. 20, 800–810(2018).

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