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Extended Live-cell Imaging at Nanoscale Resolution

TauSTED Xtend: Gentle super-resolution microscopy. Sharp. Simple. Stunning.

Multicolor fixed STED image. Inner ear section, mouse, TauSTED Xtend 589 on AF488 and TauSTED Xtend 775 on AF633-Phalloidin. Sample courtesy of Dennis Derstrof, Klinik für Hals-, Nasen und Ohrenheilkunde, Universität Marburg & Prof. Dr. Dominik Oliver aus dem Institut für Physiologie und Pathophysiologie, Abteilung für Neurophysiologie, Universität Marburg. Inner_ear_section_mouse_multicolor_fixed_TauSTED_Xtend.jpg

The new STED microscopy approach, TauSTED Xtend, enables extended multicolor imaging of live and intact specimen at nanoscale. By combining spatial and lifetime information, TauSTED Xtend gives access to an extra level of information that allows resolving small details in context at extremely low light dose. 

Perform longer live-cell imaging

Protect your specimen while performing longer time-lapse experiments with more frames and larger volume imaging at cutting-edge resolution by using lower light doses.

Use your preferred protocols for STED

TauSTED Xtend offers new opportunities for your single-and multicolor experiments using green fluorescent proteins and fluorophores that are a workhorse in life science research and currently underused in studies at the nanoscopic level. With TauSTED Xtend, you can take your experiments effectively down to the nanoscale using protocols you are familiar with.

Expanded multicolor imaging

Expand the palette of fluorophores suitable for your investigation by leveraging the unique spectral capabilities of STELLARIS. Moreover, using lifetime-based dye separation with FALCON, additional dyes can be separated. This gives you the flexibility to combine multiple dyes in a way that reinforces your experimental design.

Direct monitoring of fast processes

Make the most of your "window of opportunity" during experiments by seeing what happens as it happens. With TauSTED Xtend, you can follow the results of your experiments on-the-fly. This gives you the confidence that you are observing the right processes and ensures your work is more efficient.

Learn more about Applications with TauSTED Xtend:

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